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In today's world one of the biggest competitions is how to stay fit. Moreover, staying fit is not so easy, but yes, if we take some extra care of our health, we may beat diseases. This website will discuss some of the health hazards that are as mentioned below:

Mental Health - Mental health is the most common problem these days. Everyone is suffering in some type of mental health. Mental health is an emotional or cognitive well being. It is the ability of any person to cope up with day-to-day life pressures and enjoy life even under bad circumstances. It is actually a state of mind in which the capacity of expressing emotions are measured along with the adaptability of different range of demands. In this page of Mental Health we discuss in details.

Health Mistakes - Health mistakes are seen most common these days. People take health for granted and become ill easily. As an aftermath they end up paying good prices in medication and doctors fees. More to this, it is noticed that there is a general tendency to people not to complete the course of medicines. Some of the common mistakes are the following:

  • Self Medication
  • Ignoring early warning signs
  • Not keeping track of medical records
  • Discontinuing antibiotics after feeling better

Heart Risk - According to American Heart Association, there are 10 "primary" risk factors for heart such as inactivity in day-to-day physical work, the family background, stress, high blood pressure, and more. Here we will discuss all in details.

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